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Handmade Lapis Pendant Necklace

Hera: Lapis Pendant Necklace

Blue, Blue Goldstone, Czech Glass, Gemstone, Glass, Hook and Eye Clasp, Lapis, Pendant, Sodalite


This handmade beaded necklace featuring blue gemstones: lapis, blue goldstone and sodalite is the perfect piece for lovers of blue. Full length 20".

Crafted by Roslyn Tanner Evans of BeadZbyRoZ, this lapis pendant necklace is a beautiful medley of blue semi-precious stones. This lovely handmade beaded necklace would complement many different colored outfits and is a wonderful gift for someone who loves the celestial color.

All eyes go to its striking lapis pendant which features a beautiful 1.5" x  2" slab of the gemstone framed in an ornate silver-plate setting. Lapis has been revered for centuries and symbolizes truth and enlightenment. It has had significance in many different cultures from the Ancient Egyptians, who decorated Tutankhamen's sarcophagus with it, to Michelangelo who favored the color and ground lapis into powder to create aquamarine pigment, to Ancient Greece where it was used to honor Hera, Queen of all Gods and Goddesses on Mt Olympus.

The body of the necklace heightens the hues intensity with more blue gemstones; faceted midnight blue goldstone with starry silver flecks and royal blue sodalite. Interspersed for contrast and texture are gunmetal gray faceted crystals and silver-plate brass beads.

The design is finished  at 20″ with a large silver toned pewter hook and eye clasp. Pendant falls an additional 1.5".

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