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Roslyn Tanner Evans and her daughter Beth Rose Tanner
 handcraft their beaded necklaces guided by the tantalizing colors, shapes and textures of their medium. Their work is sold at locations in Connecticut, Rockland and Westchester County, N.Y.

We design with you in mind and we wish all women great success in their endeavors. We want you to look and feel as fabulous as you are. Our handmade jewelry can do that for you!

Roslyn’s beading aesthetic has developed over time through her devotion to her pottery, glassware, and craft collections. She loves managing the business and selecting, buying and combining beads. Roz has an excellent eye for color and bead combinations and creates designs to enhance your wardrobe.


Known by some as ‘the ageless explorer’, she continually re-invents herself. She is a highly focused person who gets a great deal of satisfaction out of accomplishing things, creating opportunities and on-going learning. She has been blessed to have a life and work that she loves. 

Roz is a retired career counselor who worked with unemployed professionals for the NY State Dept. of Labor.


Her passion for beading is expressed in her poem, BeadZ of WordZ:  I touch the beads, As they caress my eyes, All my senses come alive, Eager to join them together, A circle of beauty, lasting forever.

You can learn more about Roslyn’s transformation through her interview on New Perspectives, Rockland Radio:

Beth developed her visual acuity as an art director for film and in interior design. She enjoys creating new designs using her critical eye and imagination. Her inspiration comes from the things she loves: nature, fashion, art, vintage culture and ethnic influences.

           “Each piece I create is part of a different fantasy.”

Her best known collection, Bijoux de Jardin (Garden Jewels), features hand-painted/dyed Lucite flowers and leaves in vine-like lariats and feminine necklaces and earrings. Her unique designs are wearable works of art. Beth is also a licensed massage therapist.

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