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teal statement necklace

Legend: Teal Statement Necklace

Agate, Black, Blue, Fall, Gemstone, Hook and Eye Clasp, Spring, Statement Necklace, Sterling Silver Clasp, Summer, Winter


Add some drama to your look with this elegant semi-precious stone and Swarovski crystal necklace. Length 22".

This teal statement necklace was made for the Etherea Collection in our Cape Cod studio. It's a luxurious and edgy design that you can wear year round when you want to up your style game.

This showpiece features fabulous highly polished and faceted dyed fire agate. These barrel-shaped beads are both translucent and opaque in jet black with patches of milky white and washes of teal.

Ever since agate was first named after the Achates River in Sicily during the 4th century BC, it has been appreciated for its beauty and grounding influence. Agate is associated with several goddesses, Gaia - The Earth Mother Goddess, Aurora - the Roman goddess of the dawn, Nyx - the Greek goddess of night and Cerridwen - the Welsh goddess who has power over wisdom, inspiration, and spiritual inspiration.

The centerpiece is a striking dyed agate slab. It is 2" tall and slightly asymmetrical but balanced. It has a rustic and organic look to it but it is smooth to the touch. If you look closely, you'll find a crystal druzy developing inside it.

For additional sparkle and definition, the design is completed with Swarovski crystals and tiny decorative silver-toned, lead-free pewter accents. 

This necklace closes at 22" with an artful sterling silver hook and eye clasp. 

Coordinating earrings are available as a custom order; please contact us with your requests. 

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