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Lemongrass: Double Strand Necklace in Olive Jade

Lemongrass: Double Strand Necklace in Olive Jade

African Trade Bead, Bone, Chunky, Gemstone, Glass, Jade, Multi-Strand, Natural, Recycled Glass, Sold, Statement, Wood


Be bold and beautiful with this chic 22.5" double strand necklace in gorgeous olive jade and African trade beads.

This vibrant double strand necklace of olive jade spikes and chips has an exotic, earthy feel. Additional design components enhance the tribal vibe. They are: hand painted African trade beads, recycled African glass, carved bone and wooden daggers.

Closes with a decorative pewter "S" clasp at 22.5". Inner strand is 21".

Remember each of our beautiful designs are a one off, but we’ll recreate them just for you. The design will be the same, but the individual elements may be slightly different as no two beads that we use are completely identical.

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