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Multicolor Gemstone Necklace

Twyla: Multicolor Gemstone Necklace

Abalone, Agate, Apatite, Black, Blue, Fluorite, Gemstone, Long, Onyx, Opalite, Over the Head, Purple, Statement Necklace, Sugilite


Add some drama to your look with this luxurious 35" necklace of onyx, agate, fluorite, sugilite, apatite, abalone and opalite. 

This multicolor gemstone necklace has an enchanting medley of colors. It's alluring palette of aqua, purple, black, and iridescent white will add a touch of magic to your look while its long silhouette exudes an elegant sex appeal.

The abundance of mixed gemstone chips in its three opulent layers creates texture and a symphony of color in the design. The gemstones are: rainbow fluorite, abalone, sugilite, agate, onyx and apatite, and each one has beneficial metaphysical properties.

~ Purple fluorite is a stone of protection;  it is a centering stone which heightens intuition and also supports spiritual purification. In this design, it is blended with sugilite to intensify the purple color.
~ Purple sugilite is a premier love stone associated with the crown chakra. It is thought to promote spiritual and unconditional love, accelerating positive feelings and releasing stress.
~ Black agate creates a stark contrast in this piece. It is a grounding and protective stone known to enhance eloquence and emotional strength.   
~ Mesmerizing apatite is a semi-precious stone we love to work with because of its gorgeous aqua hue. It is a stone that stimulates thoughts and ideas and heightens spiritual attunement.
~ Abalone is a gem of the sea that is also one of our favorites because its rainbow of diaphanous colors. It heightens intuition and stimulates the imagination.
~ Opalite is a man-made synthetic glass whose milky iridescence has an enchanting mermaid-like quality.    

The three strands are suspended by ornamental silver-toned accents made of silver plated pewter that are crowned with iridescent Swarovski crystals. They connect to the back of the necklace which is composed of black onyx (another grounding stone) and dotted with iridescent teal glass beads.

This striking necklace is 35" and goes on over head.
Included in the set are beautiful sterling silver and Swarovski crystal dangle earrings. They fall 2" from sterling silver ear wires.

Remember each of our beautiful designs are a one off, but we’ll recreate them just for you. The design will be the same, but the individual elements may be slightly different as no two beads that we use are completely identical.

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