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Exotic Gemstone Choker

Alaya: Exotic Gemstone Choker



Exude organic elegance with this unique choker featuring Tibetan beads, semi-precious amethyst and jasper. Closes at 16"-19".

This beautiful beaded gemstone choker was designed for the Etherea Collection and named for the Buddhist term meaning; "that from which consciousness grows and to which it returns". Enlightenment is associated with the color purple as well as amethyst.  It's a handcrafted necklace whose blend of organic and luxurious elements emit a glamorous yet earthy feel; light enough for every day wear and alluring enough for special occasions.

The exotic elements in this necklace come from Tibet, beginning with the remarkable center focal bead, a large amethyst stone with engraved brass ornamentation. Amethyst is believed to enhance spirituality and bring peace, love and happiness. Deep purple amethyst continues in the body of the necklace and is highlighted by gold toned pewter accents. Additional exotic elements in this piece are handmade brass beads from Tibet. They are beautifully contrasted by Kambaba Jasper, a rare variety of the gemstone imbued with the positive attributes of peace and tranquility, their dark mystical circles and deep green swirls reflecting nourishing earth energy.

The necklace is completed with gold plated brass chain and a Tibetan "S" hook clasp. This allows for versatile sizing, between 16-19".

This necklace is a one of a kind, so if you're seeing it our recently sold section then this one has gone. We’re happy to create a similar one for you. The design will be the same, but the individual elements may be slightly different as no two beads that we use are completely identical.

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