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Harlequin: Black High Fashion Necklace

Harlequin: Black High Fashion Necklace

Agate, Black, Box Clasp, Gemini, Gemstone, Glass, Metallic, Pyrite, Sold, Statement, Sterling Silver Clasp


You can't go wrong with black and this beaded beauty is no exception. Add polish to your look with this dynamic handmade set of agate and pyrite gemstones. Closes at 18" with a sterling silver cabochon clasp.

This striking high fashion necklace was created for the Etherea Collection. It's a dynamic beaded necklace set that will add polish and flair to work-wear or formal attire and would make a fabulous gift for a stylish collector.

The design elements in this handmade semi-precious set are simple yet extraordinary. They are: large diamond shaped agate beads; these three dimensional beads are 1.75" long and 2.5" in circumference, they are jet black and so polished you can see yourself in them.  Agate is one of the zodiac stones for Gemini. It is believed to balance physical, emotional and spiritual energy, promote maturity and increase self-confidence.
The stark black agate is contrasted by metallic gemstone, pyrite. Pyrite was known as "Fool's Gold" because of its resemblance to gold but it clearly has a unique tonality of its own, sometimes appearing like dark silver.  Pyrite is a stone of action, inspiring creativity and enhancing ambition, commitment and perseverance. It is stone of positivity, as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.
Echoing the shape of the agate focals are diamond shaped Czech glass beads.

This necklace is finished at 18" with a gorgeous sterling silver box clasp that has a black agate cabochon.

Included in this set are pyrite and Swarovski crystal earrings that fall 1.5" from sterling silver ear wires.

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