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garnet and peridot necklace set

Mirabelle: Garnet and Peridot Necklace Set

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Adorn yourself in the sumptuous colors of the season with this gorgeous gemstone necklace set of rose quartz, garnet, peridot, and amber. Goes on overhead at 35" long. 

This garnet and peridot necklace set exudes a relaxed luxury. Like a bountiful harvest, it is bursting with opulent jewel tones that will flatter and elevate many different colored outfits.

The abundance of mixed gemstone chips in its three layers are dotted with burgundy Swarovski crystals and metallic gold beads. These gemstone strands create texture and a symphony of color. They are: garnet, rose quartz, amber, rhodonite and peridot, and each one has beneficial metaphysical properties.

~ Garnet is the January birthstone and a stone of strength. Cherished since antiquity, this gem was exchanged between friends to express affection and is still considered a symbol of good will.
~ Vibrant peridot is the traditional birthstone for September. This citrusy olivine stone is thought to protect its wearer from negativity.
~ Rose quartz is a healing stone thought to soothe the mind and emotions and promote both self-love and romantic love. 
Beautiful amber is a calming and energizing stone. It is believed to heighten clarity, patience, sensuality and healing and is considered a good luck charm for love and marriage.
~ Rhodonite will help you bring more passion and vitality into your life.

These strands are suspended by ornamental gold-toned accents made of gold-plated pewter that are crowned with burgundy Swarovski crystals. They connect to the back of the necklace which is composed of rose quartz that is dotted with small metallic gold and burgundy beads.

This striking necklace is 35" and easily goes on overhead.
Included in the set are beautiful rose quartz and Swarovski crystal dangle earrings. They fall 1.5" from gold-filled ear wires.

Remember each of our beautiful designs is a one-off, but we’ll recreate them just for you. The design will be the same, but the individual elements may be slightly different as no two beads that we use are completely identical.

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