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Handmade Larimar Beads Necklace

Over Easy: 29" Larimar Beads Necklace

Agate, Gemstone, Jade, Larimar, Over the Head


Slip into something fabulous with this 29" jade and larimar beads necklace in beautiful cool blues.

Sometimes you are in a rush and you just want to toss a great looking necklace on - this larimar beads necklace fits the bill.  There are a couple of things going on with this 29" over the head necklace. Firstly, it has no clasp so its easy as pie to put on. Secondly, it was designed to be worn with the round larimar focal bead asymmetrically but is not limited to this orientation.

Larimar is a relatively new specimen of semi-precious stone and can be found only on the island of Hispaniola, in the Caribbean Sea.  It is the embodiment of the sea and sky. It cools tempers and calms fears. The tumbled blue larimar nuggets have speckles of black  just like the milky white translucent agate rounds. Agate is also a stabilizing and harmonizing stone. The lighter blue beads are dyed jade and add  interest and variety to the design.  Small copper spacers and tiny metallic bronze seed beads suggest a hint of another color.

This necklace is sure to become a favorite for its uniqueness.

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