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Handmade Rainbow Fluorite Necklace Set

Prism: Rainbow Fluorite Necklace Set

Copper, Gemstone, Green, Hook and Eye Clasp, Turquoise, Yellow


This set pairs unique gemstones with Lucite green recycled glass for a dose of gorgeous color. Full length 20".

This rainbow fluorite necklace set was made for the Etherea Collection in our Westchester studio, it's a chunky semi-precious necklace with an exquisite combination of elements. Its alluring color combination will pair well against yellows, purple, shades of green-blue and of coarse whites; suitable for daytime and evening ensembles all year long.

The semi-precious showpiece features asymmetrical fluorite beads in marvelous translucent hues. This gemstone is called rainbow fluorite because of the naturally occurring striations in purple, plum, yellow, clear and sea green. This gorgeous variety of the gemstone holds the same beneficial properties of all of the fluorite varieties. It is a centering stone which heightens intuition and also supports purification.

The gorgeous sea green in the piece, chosen as a hot color this season and referred to as Lucite green, is further highlighted by the recycled glass elements. The piece is completed with triangular copper beads interspersed throughout.

The necklace closes at 20" with a copper toned lead-free pewter hook and eye clasp.

Included in this set are coordinated earrings composed of the recycled glass and copper accents with a Swarovski crystal dangle. They fall 1" from a hypo-allergenic niobium ear wire.

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