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Black and Gray Hematite Gemstone Necklace

Saturn's Lair: Black and Gray Gemstone Necklace

Agate, Black, Gemstone, Magnetic Clasp, Metallic, Obsidian, Sold, Spring


This necklace of snowflake obsidian with metallic accents creates a modern Boho look. Closes at 18.5 " with a magnetic clasp.

This striking black and gray gemstone necklace was designed for our BeadZbyRoZ Collection. It's distinctive blend of natural and metallic elements makes this obsidian necklace feel both organic and contemporary.

Obsidian is a unique gemstone composed of naturally occurring volcanic glass. Revered since ancient times, it is believed to have protective properties and block negativity. Black gemstones also symbolize self control and resilience. Obsidian comes in different colors, the variety used here is delicate snowflake obsidian - a deep black with mottled grayish white. This stone is particularly good for spiritual grounding. Its lovely details add interest to the healing stone.

The graceful graduated obsidian rays flatter any neckline while silver toned metallic faceted rectangles and matte black glass beads complete the piece with a modern edge. Additional accents of black and white crackle agate add additional contrast.

This necklace closes at 18.5" with an easy to use magnetic clasp in gunmetal black.


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