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Citrine Gemstone Necklace with Millefiori Glass

Soleil: Citrine Gemstone Necklace with Millefiori Glass

Citrine, Gemstone, Glass, Hook and Eye Clasp, Red, Yellow


Bring sunshine with you wherever you go in this citrine and millefiori glass necklace. Closes at 19".

Created by Roslyn Tanner Evans, this citrine gemstone necklace set is a burst of sunny style. This is a great piece to wear if you want to brighten your look with a unique stroke of trending yellow. 

The design elements in this handmade beaded necklace set are large semi-precious citrine chips. Citrine is a stone of clarity and a gemstone that would make a great gift for many. It is Gemini's zodiac stone, the traditional birthstone for November, and Virgo's planetary stone (citrine is Mercury's stone, Virgo's ruling planet). 

Vibrant millefiori glass nuggets adorn the front of the necklace. Millefiori glass is a regarded glass making technique that dates back to Ancient Rome. The technique involves the production of multi-colored glass rods ( murrines ) whose patterns are only visible from the cuts ends of the cane. The murrine rod is then heated in a furnace and pulled until thin while still maintaining the cross section's design. Then it is cut into beads.
In these beads, the cut ends of the glass create dotted floral patterns. The cross sections create the streaks of colors.

Additionally tiny, white riverstone gems are interspersed throughout, these accentuate the pointillist effect of the millefiori beads.

The necklace closes at 19" with an over-sized gold toned pewter hook and eye clasp.

Included in this lively set are citrine cluster earrings that fall 1" from gold plated brass ear wires.


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