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Long crystal beaded necklace

Trellis: 6' Crystal Beaded Necklace

Czech Glass, Freshwater Pearl, Glass, Pearl, Sold, Swarovski Crystal, Trailer Hitch Clasp


Reminiscent of a springtime garden, this piece is one of the most versatile necklaces you'll ever own. Created with three seamlessly co-ordinated patterns of Czech glass, freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals; this piece can be tripled, knotted, twisted or worn down your back. Full length 6'.

This gorgeous, versatile crystal beaded necklace was designed by Roslyn Tanner Evans in her Rockland NY studio. This 6' rope can be worn in as many ways as you can think of; twisted, wrapped, knotted, worn towards the back.

Made by creating 3 distinct but co-ordinating patterns in the pastel palette of mixed greens, peach, strawberry pink, champagne, and golden yellow Swarovski crystal, Czech glass and lustrous freshwater pearls. Perfect for those times you add a layer or don a sweater or jacket; this piece is wonderfully versatile as you can adjust the number of strands that fall by opening the small gold toned trailer hitch clasp.

Remember each of our beautiful designs are a one off, but we’ll recreate them just for you. The design will be the same, but the individual elements may be slightly different as no two beads that we use are completely identical.

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